Thankful bot: Prompts you to think about things you are thankful for. (November 2019)

Attract bot: Prompts you to focus on what you want and helps you get it.

Interacting with these bots helps you practice a system of relationship problem solving skills

Grandma bot: Prompts you to remember how special and beautiful you are.

(Recognition) bot: Prompts you to build your relationships by helping others feel heard and important to you.

Takes 2 bot: Prompts you to consider elements of effective communication. 

Becoming bot: Prompts you to consistently improve by taking small steps.

Relate bot: Helps you see how the skills taught by the other bots will improve your relationships.

Integrate bot: Prompts you to look at small pieces of information and consider how they fit in the big picture.

Tiger mom bot: Prompts you to put in the effort needed to achieve ambitious goals.

Affect bot: Prompts you to consider easy things you can do to boost your mood.

Attach bot: Prompts you to consider the ways you are responding to others' bids to connect with you.

Axn bot (Action bot): Prompts you to get up and move a little.

Soothe bot: Prompts you to do something to take care of yourself when you are having a hard time.

We can't wait to start sharing the Bots (which are currently under development).