Overview & Events

The Family life center serves as a community center for Riverton and the surrounding area. At the Foundation for Family Life, we believe the family units within a community are the most important social structures and thus deserve the most attention and support. This is why we are dedicated to providing fun, recreational activities, along with specialized services for you and those you care about. We are here to serve families of all shapes and sizes.

Our focus on the family is what sets us apart from other community centers. Join us in promoting healthy and happy family lives for everyone, yourself included.

Family Fun Days

Join us for a family fun activity (held monthly) that may include board games, prizes, and treats. 

Call now (801-839-4384) for more information and to sign up!!!

Programs & Services

We offer a variety of programs and services designed to strengthen family life.  Our services can be beneficial for families doing well but who want to improve certain aspects of their relationships (e.g., communication, problem solving), families with various challenges (e.g., blended families, youth with anti-social behaviors), or families with significant issues (e.g., interactions with the courts or DCFS, addiction, incarceration, separation, divorce). 

For families and couples, at all stages of life, we provide professionals to aid your family.  Every family can benefit from one or more of our services.

Family Life Coaching & Classes

Premarital, Marital, & Couples
Personal Improvement
Parenting Courses (Including Fatherhood)
Child Support & DCFS Classes

Counseling & Mediation

Marriages, Couples, & Individuals
Substance Abuse Treatment
Domestic Violence Groups:

Survivor Groups
Offender Groups

Family Activities

Monthly Family Fun Night
Fun Activities Designed to Strengthen Family Relationships

We are developing a program (at a local community center https://flc.fflut.org/) to provide mediation services and community support (including relationship classes). This text comes directly from the site:

This page is under construction :)