How are Library items acquired?

We find many of our items at thrift stores, online, and from donations.  We LOVE donations, and it is possible to receive credit for donations toward annual membership fees.  

How do items get cleaned?

Members of the Library should clean materials before they are returned.  If they have questions about how to clean items, they should contact the Library as some materials may be damaged by water, for example.  If items are consistently returned dirty, borrowing privileges may be affected.

What if there are pieces missing?

Members check items and confirm their contents at check out.  Unfortunately they are sometimes missing pieces.  Most of the items we lend can be enjoyed even with some pieces missing.  For example, someone could use a die from another game or use a household item (eraser, mini figure) for a mover piece.  Please be patient, and we will figure out a solution together.

What if something is lost or damaged?

We do not want you to avoid the Library because you are afraid of losing pieces.  Just do your best and be careful.  Please let us know if there are problems with an item, and we will try to make it playable again.  We know that sometimes things happen.  Unless damage is deliberate, expensive (it destroys a valuable item), or frequent, small mishaps are covered by your membership fee.  We will be nice and work with you to make things right with the Library.  

Can I request particular items?

We bring a variety of games to each game event to choose from, and we can usually bring items from a particular category, if requested (  Unfortunately, since people are constantly checking things out, it can be difficult to bring a specific item, but we can keep a waiting list if necessary, and we will do our best to help you get what you are looking for.

I just turned my items in for the last time...

Wait!  Before you go, let us check in the items and return your refundable deposit of $20 (if you paid one).  Did you know that renewing your membership is cheaper the second time?  If you experienced problems, please help us understand how we can make the Library better.

My child loves this item.  Can I buy it?

Many library items are not for sale, but if you would like to buy something, please ask about it.

Do you provide batteries?

We do not currently supply batteries for Game Library items.  We try not to store batteries inside them because we have had items ruined by leaking batteries.

​Who can attend exchange game events?

Members of the general public can play games at any exchange event.  Only Library members can take items home.

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